Rules & Regulations

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Fever International Dance Championships
2020 Rules and Regulations

Fully Updated August 8th 2019

Registration and Entry Rules

As we continue to make changes and additions to improve our events this season, the rules may change slightly. Please check back often for any updates or additions to our Rules and Regulations. Alternatively, please contact us for full details on any changes that may occur.

Please read ALL of the following rules and regulations carefully as there have been several changes and/ or additions made to our rules, regulations and award packages. It is the responsibility of the studio to uphold all rules and regulations stated below. Failure to comply could result in deductions to your final mark and/ or disqualification.

Entries are accepted through our online registration system.

Please contact us at either, (416)573.1689 and/ or, (905)717.6468 should you require access to our online registration system.

Please mail full payment via cheque or money order payable to J. Bobb Fever Inc. No post dated cheques please. All entry fees must be paid in full prior to the competition or they will not be eligible to compete. All outstanding balances from schedule changes after the Final schedule has been sent must be paid onsite via cash, certified cheque or credit card before performing.

Please note: Producers maintain the right to deduct additional registration fees from studio awards cheque for any dancers within a routine that have not registered pre-performance. In the event that an awards cheque is not applicable, an invoice for the outstanding fees will be presented onsite. Any outstanding balance from the fore mentioned findings must be paid onsite before the end of the weekend via cash or credit card.

Entries are on a first come first serve basis. We will not over book. ***NEW*** All entries and payments are due by December 31 2019. Any entries and payments submitted after this date are subject to a 10 percent late fee. A $35.00 service charge will be applied for any NSF cheques. Any applicable taxes are included within the fees.

J. Bobb Fever Inc. reserves the right to refuse individual or studio entries at their discretion, in which fees will be refunded. Refunds will not be made for any other reason.

A tentative performance schedule will be sent out to all studios via email so that you may confirm all entries are correct. A final schedule will follow shortly after with all the necessary adjustments from the tentative schedule.

Please note: In efforts to keep FEVER events running on time it is essential that all routine conflicts and changes be made BEFORE the final schedule is released. Out of respect of all the dancers and studios and their scheduled performance times Fever will be enforcing a “No routine changes or holds onsite” policy. Changes made to the schedule or entries after the final event schedule has been sent out effects all studios participating. The wrongful holding of numbers, not performing at your scheduled time and/ or not checking in with the backstage manager may result in disqualification.

The same dancer(s) cannot compete more than once in the same age group and category in either solo, duet/ trio or group competition. This means dancers will never compete against themselves. Please move your entry up an age division should this situation arise.

Dancers may enter multiple solos into the competition. Should a dancer have more than one solo, each solo must compete in a different category. Only the dancer’s highest marking solo will be considered for overalls including Powerhouse Soloists.

To qualify for the 100 Degree Dance Off, studios must have a minimum of 10 entries entered into the competition, 10% of which must be groups. For example, if you have 50 routines entered into the competition at least 5 of the entries must be groups.

  1. J. Bobb Fever Inc. reserves the right to add/ subtract days, move or cancel the competition due to unforeseen circumstances.

Although J. Bobb Fever Inc will make every effort to resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise, J. Bobb Fever Inc. will not issue refunds or be held responsible for sudden cancellation or time lost due to events out of the control of J. Bobb Fever Inc. Such events include but are not limited to extreme weather, bomb threats,  illness, terrorism, and/ or any other extraneous circumstances.

*Please note you are not entered into the competition until full payment for all entries and/ or service charges is received*

Age Division

***NEW*** Contestants are to be entered in the age category that applies to them as of December 31 2019. All contestants will compete in the following age groups: (5 yrs & under), (6 yrs), (7 yrs), (8yrs), (9 yrs), (10 yrs), (11yrs), (12 yrs), (13 yrs), (14 yrs), (15 yrs), (16yrs), (17 yrs), (18 yrs), (19 yrs), (20+ Adult). perform The age divisions of contestants in duet/ trio and group categories will be determined by average age. Add all ages of the performers and divide by the number of performers in the group. The birth dates and ages of all performers are required for the entries. Should any questions arise, Fever producers may request proof of age. Please have a copy of every student’s birth certificate at the competition. ***NOTE***Productions will all perform in the same age group.

Overall Age Groupings for Competitive and Part-time Divisions

Mini Division- 8 & under

Junior Division- 9- 11

Intermediate Division- 12- 14

Senior Division- 15 & over

Adult Division- Any dancer 20 years of age or older

Professional/Teacher Division- Any dancer 20 years of age or older, who has been contracted to perform in a professional production, and/or, is a teacher either freelance or as part of a studio faculty.

Overall Age Groupings for Novice Division

Junior Division- 10 & Under

Intermediate Division- 11- 14


Classification, Category and Discipline Listing

Competitive Division- Any competitor taking 6 or more hours of training in any combination of dance.

Part Time Division- Any competitor taking 5 hours or less of training including rehearsal in any combination of dance. Any dancer that has a competitive solo is not eligible to participate in the Part Time  division.

Novice Division- Any dancer who has not competed in a solo category, or any group who has not entered a competition prior to this dance season. Any novice competitor entered in a Duet/Trio category must be 100% novice, (ie) all members of Duet/Trio have not competed in a solo category prior to this dance season. Any group entered in the novice category, must have a minimum of 75% novice dancers. ***NEW*** The maximum age for novice entries is now 14.

Professional/Teacher Division- Any routine competing in any specific category, containing 1 or more professional/ teacher dancers where 50% of your income is earned as a professional dancer or teacher. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

Solo & Duet/Trio (One, two or three dancers in each respective category)
*Please note that duets and trios will compete against each other*
Small Group (4-9 dancers)
Large Group (10-15 dancers)
Line (16 or more dancers)
Extended Line (16 or more dancers with an extended time limit of 4- 7:30 min)
Production Categories (16 or more dancers)

Acrobatics or “tricks” are considered to be any movement in which a dancer completes a 360 degree rotation where the dancer has both feet above their head. Illusions, partnering lifts, front and back rolls in which a dancers feet end up over their head are permitted. Listed below are the discipline descriptions along with the acrobatics or “trick” limitations.

ONE acrobatic trick is now permitted in Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Modern. For example a tumbling pass whether it be one or multiple dancers at the same time is considered to be ONE trick. Cartwheels, Illusions, front and back rolls, shoulder rolls are allowed, as well as partner lifts that may end up with partner’s feet over their heads.

Jazz- Routine must primarily contain jazz movement and technique. One acrobatic trick permitted.

Ballet- Routine must contain classical ballet movement and technique. No acrobatics permitted.

Pas De Deux/ Trois- Routine must consist primarily of adagio movements. This ballet form is typically performed by a male in soft shoe and ballerina(s) on pointe. No acrobatics permitted.

Demi Character Ballet- Routine must contain classical ballet movement and technique, and must portray a recognizable character and or tell a story. No acrobatics permitted.

Pointe- Routine must contain primarily classical pointe technique, using classical music and pointe shoes. No acrobatics permitted.

Contemporary Ballet- Routine must contain ballet technique, however style and music are not limited to a classical scope. No acrobatics permitted.

Contemporary Pointe- Routine must contain primarily pointe technique using pointe shoes, however the style and music are not limited to a classical scope. No acrobatics permitted.

Lyrical- Routine must contain classical technique with specific dancer attention given to song lyric. One acrobatic trick permitted.

Modern- Routine must primarily contain modern technique. One acrobatic trick permitted.

Tap- Routine must primarily contain tap technique. Pre-recorded tap sounds on performer’s music selection will not be permitted. One acrobatic trick permitted.

Acro- Routine must demonstrate an equal amount of dance and acrobatic skill. It should contain passes connected by dance elements and choreography as well as balance and control.

Song and Dance- Routine must contain an equal display of singing and dancing (in any of the above mentioned styles). Judges will mark both disciplines accordingly. No other lead vocals on the back track will be permitted. If a microphone is used, the microphone must be provided by the studio. The setup of the microphone MUST be pre-arranged with the theatre technical staff. Please note there may be a charge for this technical service. Fever I.D.C. discourages the use of microphones as it sometimes hinders the performance if not used correctly. The staff of J.Bobb Fever Inc. and/ or the theatre staff will not be held responsible should a performance be affected due to the use of a microphone or poor sound quality produced by a microphone.

Contemporary- A routine that fuses modern and classical ballet, drawing on newer philosophies of movement that depart from classical techniques, omitting structured form and movement. Acrobatic elements permitted.

Hip Hop- Routine must primarily contain street/ hip hop technique and style. No jazz technique permitted.

Production- A routine using 16 or more dancers to portray a theme, concept or story. Production categories have an extended time limit of 4- 10 minutes and will be primarily judged on concept, formations and choreography. All productions must be entered in the competitive division.

Open- Any routine displaying a combined effort of the above mentioned dance disciplines or other that does not fit the description of the fore mentioned. Note: A MAXIMUM of 5 acrobatic movements or tricks is permitted. Acrobatic movements performed in sequence are to be considered 1 of the 5 tricks allowed (ie) a tumbling pass. Any routine containing more than 5 tricks will be moved to the Acro category or be disqualified.

Musical Theatre- A routine consisting of any style of dance, which interprets a song from a Broadway show, movie musical, or song depicting characters. Lip syncing is permitted.

Specialty- Consists of all other categories such as gymnastics, ballroom, clogging, novelty, ethnic, etc.

Improv- All Dancers will be invited to the stage. One at a time, each dancer will listen to a piece of music selected by the competition or judges and will immediately perform an improvisational solo. Each dancer’s piece of music will be different and can be any style of music. Junior, and Teen categories are available. Dancers are free to perform any style of dance they prefer. Dancers will be scored accordingly based on musicality, creativity and movement. Improv dancers will be awarded in order of placement. **NEW** Participating improv dancers may be asked to incorporate a challenge during the category, this could include but not limited to a prop that is provided by FEVER and more! **NEW** Top improv dancers in the 2 age categories will be awarded a scholarship as an Overall. Improv soloists MUST be registered alongside studio routines. Entries will not be accepted onsite for the improv categories. Please include any dancers interested in the improv category in your entry estimation upon booking your location. 

Breakdance- Routine must primarily contain breakdance technique and style.

All solos, duets/trios and groups, will compete the above-mentioned disciplines in their specified age groups.

In the case of 18 or more competitors within the same category, the group will be arbitrarily split and scored as two individual categories.

Time Guidelines

The below categories are to adhere to the following time limits.

Solo & Duet/Trio- 3 minute limit
Groups 3.5 minute limit
Lines- 4 minute limit
Extended Line- 4- 7 minute limit
Productions- 4- 10 minute limit

The above times include entrances and exits. This will be strictly enforced as every entry will be timed. A .5 score deduction will apply to the overall score for every 30 seconds over the time limit.
All props and backdrops are to be free standing and speedy in set up by studio officials. To assist in scheduling, please contact us, or indicate on the registration form the length of time needed for the set up and take down of props and sets.

Adjudicator Scoring & Award System


All entries will be judged by a panel of 3 adjudicators. Judging will be based on 1 score out of 100 points. The three scores are averaged to produce the final score. Any and all ties will be broken. All entries will be scored and awarded as to the appropriate and/ or expected skill of their age level.


All categories will be awarded and announced in order of placement. ex. eighth- first place

Special awards will be presented at each award ceremony by one of our fabulous adjudicators!

The Top Routine of the day will be awarded at the final awards ceremony each day.

**NEW**The Top 5 overall competitive routines in each division’s age and category will be announced and Top 3 will be awarded cash scholarships.

**NEW** Power House Soloist (Overall) Dancers with 3 or more solos will be entered into the Power House category for Overalls. The dancer will compete in regular solo categories however, as this is a separate Overall category for dancers with 3 or more solos, the dancers are not eligible for regular solo overalls. Only the dancer’s highest marking solo will be considered for the overall. The Top 5 Powerhouse soloists in each division will be announced and Top 3 will be awarded cash scholarships.

Production categories are awarded their own Top Overall Production Award and are not eligible for the Top Overall Score of the competition. A minimum of 2 productions must be entered into the competition for the Top Production Award to be given. In the event there is only one production entered into the competition, it must achieve a minimum score of 92 to receive the production scholarship.

Novice (Overall) The Top 3 overall routines will be announced and awarded cash scholarships in the following age divisions, 10 & Under, 11-14 and in each category.

Part-Time (Overall) The Top 3 overall routines in each division’s age and category will be announced and awarded cash scholarships in each Age Division.

Hot Performance Hot Performance Awards will now be awarded to ALL disciplines! A Hot Performance routine in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern/ Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, Acro, and Musical Theatre/ Song & Dance in age groups 11 and under, as well as 12 and over will be awarded at their perspective Overall awards session (This award may or may not be chosen based on the highest scoring routine within that discipline. It is basically a stand out routine in dance to the judges.)

Top Novice and Part-time Routine will be awarded at their perspective Overall awards session.

The Judges Choice Award will be awarded to the Competitive and Part-time divisions at their perspective Overall awards session.

The Choreography Award will be awarded at the Final Competitive Overall awards session.

The Future Fire Award is a most potential award will be awarded to a dancer at the Final Competitive and Part-Time Overall awards session.

The Spark Award is a most potential award will be awarded to a dancer at the Final Novice Overall awards session.

The Studio Spirit/ Professionalism Award will be awarded at the beginning of the dance off.

Faces Of Fever Should any Faces of Fever be selected, they will be announced and awarded at the beginning of the dance off.

General Rules

When you arrive please pick up your teacher’s package at the Fever merchandise table.

All routines are to report backstage to the Fever Stage Manager, 3 numbers before they are scheduled to perform. All routines are also expected to perform in the order they are scheduled. Out of respect of all the dancers and studios and their scheduled performance times Fever will be enforcing a “No routine changes or holds onsite” policy. Therefore please be sure to review your schedule before it is finalized and make all necessary changes. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated to keep the competition running on time. The wrongful holding of numbers, not performing at your scheduled time and/ or not checking in with the backstage manager may result in disqualification.

Any other conflicts or changes noticed in the printed program upon arrival at the competition such as, incorrect titles, or misprinted names of performers, should be brought forth to the producers at the announcers table, or to the stage manager back stage.

Any routine not completed on stage has the option to re-perform for judges comments only (time permitting) and not be placed within their category or qualify for Overalls. In the event this happens in the Novice and Partime divisions, the dancer will be awarded its placing within its category however will not be qualified for Overalls. Any routine not completed on stage due to technical difficulties by Fever, will re-perform for adjudication and placement. Should the routine re- perform, it must dance before its scheduled adjudication.

Under no circumstances will video taping or photography of any performance, in part or otherwise, be tolerated by Fever. Photography is only permitted during award ceremonies. Videos and photos of all entries during performance will be available for purchase in the theatre lobby. Theatre security and/ or Fever officials have the right to confiscate or delete any videos and photos taken of a performance, as well as confiscate memory cards or devices containing footage of a performance at Fever. This is to protect the work of the choreographers as well as the security and safety of the dancers performing on stage.

The producers of Fever trust the professionalism of the teachers that enter our competition to have good judgment on what every performer presents on stage to our family audience. However, any entry in any class and category, displaying suggestive movements, costuming, or musical selections with lyrics inappropriate for the age of the performers or our family audience, will be scored lower and/ or be disqualified.

All studio owners must either upload all music to the DanceBUG system or submit a USB stick containing all their MP3 music files containing all musical selections to the announcer at the beginning of the day. Each file on the USB stick must be clearly labelled with the routine name as submitted for the program. Please note, music files submitted on a USB stick are able to be pitch controlled. Please have on hand back-up copies of your music selections.

Any use of helium balloons, sword and knife display is strictly prohibited. Prop versions of these items are permitted. Under no circumstances are entries allowed to use theatre dwelling flats, lights or fly bars. Any substance that would effect the dancing surface such as liquid, gel, aerosol, food or glitter is prohibited unless specifically approved by Fever officials Special pyrotechnics, smoke, water, fog, not permitted unless approved by Fever producers and/ or theatre technical staff. Substances used in routines which alter the condition of the stage or rehearsal room(s) without approval by Fever producers or Theatre staff can be subject to disqualification and/or a $50 fine being imposed if clean up is required and an unnecessary delay in the competition occurs. This includes but not limited to the use of an excessive amount of flowers, petals and feathers that require a lengthy clean up. To avoid disqualification and or fines, please contact us for approval and/ or to schedule the routine appropriately as to not delay the competition.

**PLEASE NOTE** For safety reasons, the use of baby powder or other assisting agents will not be tolerated at any Fever location. Should Fever staff see this happening students will be asked to clean stage and/or remove footwear. (Rosin may be used, theatre permitting).

Any concerns or challenges regarding a routine can be brought to the attention of Fever producers by a studio director or teacher, before the awards ceremony for that routine. Under no circumstances are Adjudicators to be approached by dancers, parents, studio directors and their staff during the competition.

All decisions made by the Adjudicators or Fever Producers are final.

Judges post competition packages, awards and music MUST be picked up from the Fever Producers after the competition. Any packages and awards left behind at the competition will NOT be available to be mailed out afterwards.

All monetary awards will be given to the studio director, or to a teacher/ studio representative following the competition by cheque. It is at the studio director’s discretion how monetary prizes are distributed within the studio in accordance to studio policies. Fever Producers have the right to adjust monetary prize winnings based on the size of the competition.

Each studio will be designated a change room (space permitting). Please be advised that studios will be held responsible for any damage to venue change rooms.

100 Degree Dance Off

To qualify for the 100 Degree Dance Off, studios must have a minimum of 10 entries entered into the competition, 10% of which must be groups. For example, if you have 50 routines entered into the competition at least 5 of the entries must be groups.

In the 100 Degree Dance Off, qualifying studios will be represented by one competitive routine to compete for additional cash prizes in each of the age divisions listed below. Please note: The running of the dance off and/ or amount of prizes given is subject to change in the event of a small competition which are determined by the amount of entries and/ or competitive groups registered.


TEEN DANCE OFF – Ages 13 & OVER (13-19)

An outstanding cash prize purse will be awarded to the Semi Finalist, Finalist and Champion in each of the 2 divisions.

Routines will be scored out of 100 points. In the event of a tie between entries, the tie will be broken by our esteemed panel of judges.

The 1st place overall Mini, Junior, Intermediate and Senior competitive Soloists, Duet/ Trios and Power House Soloists are invited to showcase their routine during the 100 Degree Dance Off!

Novice, Part Time, Production, Professional/Teacher and Adult categories are not eligible to compete in the 100 Degree Dance Off.

Should any dancer or group decide not to participate in the Dance Off once the final participants and/ or have been posted, no other dance off selections will be accepted and the dance off will perform with the routines that have been posted. Also, once the final participants and/ or performance schedule has been posted, changes to the selections will not be accepted.

The video of the top 3 winners in each 100 Degree Dance Off age group, along with the showcased performance of the top overall solos, Powerhouse Soloists and duet/ trios from Mini, Junior, Intermediate and Senior age groups; the Top scoring Novice and Part Time routines will be inducted into our FEVER “On Fire” video gallery on our website!

Participation and admission to the 100 Degree Dance Off is now FREE! Registered Teachers and Studio Owners will be given reserved seating during the Competition. (Seating will be on a first come first serve basis. Fever will do its best to have enough seating available for all audience members however, please note some venues may have limited seating. Entrance once the venue is at capacity is at the discretion of the venue and/ or Fever staff for Safety and Fire code regulations.)

Please encourage your students and parents to stay and support their fellow dancers in The 100 Degree Dance Off! It will be an amazing evening of entertainment featuring special guest performers and of course, performances by Canada’s Top groups! It will be a show not to be missed!


Disclaimer/ Waiver

Any reference of J. Bobb Fever Inc. hereby includes Fever International Dance Championships, Sweat The Ultimate Dance Convention, Solo Heat , Fever After Dark & The Canadian Dance Expo.

Participants by virtue of entering and attending a J. Bobb Fever Inc. event, give their permission and consent to the directors of J. Bobb Fever Inc. to use their images or photographs or appear in videos or any other electronic or print media for advertising, news coverage, or any other commercial use of our events. Any performer competing in a J. Bobb Fever Inc. dance competition or any dancer, instructor attending a J. Bobb Fever Inc. dance convention takes certain and inherent risks. These include but are not limited to sprains, bruises, broken bones, and pulled muscles. Participation in any J. Bobb Fever Inc. event indicates the acceptance of such risk by the participants. J. Bobb Fever Inc. assumes that all participants are in good health. J. Bobb Fever Inc. and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury or property loss to either participants or spectators.


By virtue of being allowed to attend a J. Bobb Fever Inc. event, each participant agrees:

TO ASSUME AND ACCEPT ALL RISKS arising out of, associated with or related to participating in such event, even though such risks may have been caused by the negligence of the hosting facility, J. Bobb Fever Inc., their officers, directors, employees, agents or other representatives (all of whom are hereafter collectively referred to as the “Releasees”);
TO BE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURY, LOSS OR DAMAGE which they might sustain while participating in such event, even though such injury, loss or damage may have been caused by the negligence of the Releasees;
TO RELEASE THE RELEASEES from any and all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense they may suffer or that their next of kin may suffer as a result of their participation in the event, due to any cause whatsoever;
TO HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY THE RELEASEES from (i) all liability for any damage to the personal property of, or personal injury to, any third party resulting from my participation in the event and all related activities; and (ii) any and all claims, demands, actions, and costs which might arise out of my participating in the event, even though such claims, demands, actions and costs may have been caused by the negligence of the Releasees.

Thank you ahead of time for your cooperation. The Producers and Staff of Fever International Dance Championships welcome you and hope you enjoy the weekend of wonderful talent with us!

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