April 10, 2021 - April 11, 2021


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Let’s get back to doing what we all love…

SOLO HEAT is stepping up it’s unique dance experience this season… On April 10- 11, SOLO HEAT- LIVE ON Air is jumping to the airwaves!

This is your opportunity to perform your routine(s) and speak LIVE with a panel of highly respected and sought after Dance professionals who are committed to providing you with valuable feedback backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience that is sure to elevate you, your training and performance to the next level.

How is SOLO HEAT going ON AIR?
– A schedule will be sent out to all registrants once registration is closed.
– The time slot on the schedule will include the performance and interaction with faculty immediately following.

WHERE will I perform my routine and speak with the Faculty?
– SOLO Heat- On Air is making it easy for you. You can perform your routine from the comfort of your studio or home, whichever works best for you.
– You have the option to perform LIVE for our faculty or you have the option of uploading a pre recorded video. The latter is recommended to alleviate sound issues.
If you choose OPTION 1:
While you are free to dance from your home, if possible and if availability permits, we recommend booking time at your studio for this event. The entire event will be live streamed and all dancers will receive a copy of their feedback after the event.

If you choose OPTION 2:
Although you will be sending in a pre recorded video of your performance, the panel will be watching it for the first time during your scheduled time slot (same as option 1) and speak with the dancer(s) immediately following.

– No work will need to be done on your part, your registration will be transferred to this new online event and we will be in touch with more details on what you will need to connect with our team on the day of the event.

– Fees have changed slightly therefore if you have completed payment, there will be a credit placed on your account that will be processed prior to the event

– FREE!! No cost to you.
– We know all your friends and family have missed seeing you perform on stage. Invite them all!!
– A link will be sent to you to share with all your loved ones to watch from the comfort and safety of their home.
– This is a great way for dancers to watch other routines

Further details and what you will need to connect with our team on the day of the event to perform your routine live and/ or talk with the faculty will be sent out after you have registered.

SOLO Heat- ON Air will definitely be the place to start before your season takes flight. It’s your time.

Register now at
Registration deadline- Mar 29th

Video submission deadline- April 5th

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