Canadian Dance Expo

July 30, 2019 - July 31, 2019


Please contact us or review these links to register or for more information:

Venue Info

The Universal Eventspace

6250 Highway 7,

Vaughan, ON

L4H 4G3
905 326 8100

Universal Eventspace Website

Competition Info

CDX Event Info

2 days of dance classes taught by the hottest choreographers we can find. Every year we change things up to give you a fresh and exciting CDX Student Experience and leave you ready to take on your next dance season by storm. 3 skill levels ensure students are challenged without feeling overwhelmed. Make sure you visit the CDX Expo Centre to see the newest dance apparel, clothing, events, conventions and more. Visit the CDX website for more details.

CDX 2019 will feature:

  • TAP CLASSES and TAP FLOORS will be a part of The CDX 2019 Student Experience.
  • Limited class sizes to ensure every student can see and hear instructors.
  • A fair distribution of scholarships and awards to celebrate all levels of dancers who show a desire to learn and grow.

What's New For The FIDC?

What’s new at FEVER in 2019

Get Ready For Something Different!

**NEW** At all FEVER locations, qualified studios will automatically be represented by the highest scoring competitive routine in the Junior and Teen age divisions to compete for additional cash prizes in the Dance Off. Be sure to check out our Rules and Regulations for qualification and general details!

– Boosted Overall Solo and Powerhouse Solo Cash Prizes!

– Power House Soloist (Overall) All Dancers with 3 or more solos will be entered into the Power House category for Overalls. Be sure to check out our Awards for details!

– More amazing awards, prizes and opportunities! Be sure to check out our Awards for details!

– Over $100,000.00 cash, scholarships and prizes!

Check back often for updates on what’s new in 2019

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Canadian Dance Expo
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